About Us (关于我们

Baguazhang Research Centre provides a comprehensive suite of wushu training solutions to support individual needs and aspirations in traditional Wushu, Baguazhang.

Since 2013, our reputation has been built on the professional and patient guidance that Master Li Chunling gave to her students. Together with her senior disciples, new students are given the attention to build their foundations. We are the only established Baguazhang research centre in Singapore.

Why train with us?(选择我们的培训课程

Our students span from the age of 13 to 82. Whether a student learns Baguazhang for health, sports, performance, competition, self-defence or aspires to be a coach, Baguazhang Research Centre focuses on bringing out the best in each student.

• Student-centric training (因材施教)1
• Small Student to Teacher Ratio (师生比例)
• Positive outcome in health (活得健康)2
• Periodic Baguazhang Seminars (定期讲座)
• Regular Bonding Sessions (师生聚会)

 正宗八卦趟泥步, 能够快速练出身体整合力、丹田内转、提升功夫级别。神奇的步法需要正确细心的教导方法。

久坐伤肉,久卧伤气。生命在于运动!八卦掌可以增强脚腿力量, 疏通气血、减压、减肥,提高脊柱和各个关节的灵活性, 提高免疫力,找回自信心。功夫讲究心神意气力,外形与内意的完美结合才是功夫的高级境界。学习八卦掌将全面掌握气与力的运用方法。科学训练,打磨意志,受益终身。